I'm completely in love with this simple and delicious Green Smoothie Bowl! Garnished I have my smoothie for spooning with fresh fruits and mulberries.

Green Smoothie Bowl - healthy breakfast

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Today I brought you a real green powerhouse for a quick breakfast. Sounds good, right? And that's it. You do not believe me in love with this simple and delicious green smoothie bowl ! When it's cold and stormy outside, I always look forward to a well-filled bowl full of healthy ingredients after getting up. Since I often miss the morning for breakfast preparation, the Smoothie Bowl is the perfect breakfast for me! Often I prepare my bowls the night before. In the morning I just have to garnish it with my favorite toppings. A turbo-fast and easy power breakfast!

Green Smoothie Bowl with spinach, kiwis, bananas, peanuts and almond milk

Quick recipe for healthy green smoothie Bowl

My favorite green smoothie bowl

I prepare my smoothie for spooning with frozen bananas , Kiwis, spinach, almond milk and peanut butter too. As a binder, I use chia seeds. The consistency is wonderfully creamy and the smoothie is wonderfully refreshing! My favorite toppings for the Smoothie Bowl are fresh fruits , mulberries and edible flowers . They just look sooo pretty :))

Green smoothie with almonds and spinach

Toppings for the Green Smoothie Bowl

Your imagination of healthy toppings knows no bounds! Whether nuts, kernels, cereals, your favorite superfoods or fruits - you can let off steam on healthy toppings and garnish your bowl to your heart's content. For my Smoothie Bowls I use a selection of the following toppings:

Nuts, Kernels & Muesli

Blanched Almonds
Sunflower Seeds


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Fruits & Berries


 Green smoothie bowl with kiwi and spinach - the perfect breakfast for kids

If you yours Smoothie Bowl prefers berries instead of spinach, then here's a recipe for the red Acai Smoothie Bowl.

 Recipe for Green Smoothie Bowl - the healthy power breakfast

Smoothie Bowl for Kids

The Smoothie Bowl is the perfect fast-paced breakfast and a great energy boost for the late afternoon. Even with children, the wonderful green smoothie bowl is a real highlight on the table. My son loves his creamy smoothie for spooning and always gets his own little bowl of his favorite fruits.LEARN MORE: PRIVACY POLICY

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