The nectarine salad with sugar peas, leaf spinach and a light sesame dressing tastes wonderfully summery and fits perfectly with the barbecue.

Nectarine salad with sugar peas and sesame seeds

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Daylight Saving Time Grilling time! I love to sit outside with friends in the garden and barbecue - preferably every day :) In addition to lean meat, colorful, healthy salads are part of every barbecue for me.

Nectarine salad for a barbecue

Today I have a very delicious salad from the cookbook Mein Grillvergnügen: Light Recipes, Marinades and more * brought by Lisa Lemke. The Japanese-flavored salad with nectarines, sugar peas, leaf spinach and a light sesame dressing tastes wonderfully summery. A little spiciness, some sweetness and the nutty taste make the salad the perfect companion for light grilled dishes such as fish or chicken.

Nectarine salad with sweet peas and baby spinach from" My BBQ Pleasure "

My BBQ Pleasure - Women Grill Different

In the Beautiful Cookbook My BBQ Pleasure of the symphytic Swede Lisa Lemke you will find true to the motto "women grilling differently" many great recipes from the summer kitchen for a successful barbecue. It's not about grilling the perfect steak, but about the many varied and healthy side dishes, such as salads, dressings and sauces, which should not be missing at any barbecue.

 Lisa Lemke - My barbecue pleasure

Structure & Design

Lisa Lemke is a foodstylist, cook and writer. Your grill book with its many beautiful illustrations is sooo lovingly designed that I did not want to put it out of my hands. The food photographs make you hungry for the many varied recipes and the matte paper looks wonderfully natural and clean.

My barbecue pleasure will certainly accompany me on many barbecues, as well as great recipes gives Lisa Lemke many helpful tips for an unforgettable barbecue.At least now I'm hungry!

Fresh Nectarines

 Salad with baby spinach with nectarines and mangetouts

The chapter Salads - from artichokes to zucchini offers wonderfully light summer salads with fresh vegetables. At the top of my list of after-cookers for me as a zucchini fan is the grilled zucchini salad with pine nuts.

The refined recipes in gravy, salsa and butter are perfect with grilled meats, fish or grilled vegetables. In addition to cold and hot sauces and heavenly varieties with butter you will also find salsas and lightning fast yoghurt sauces.

The conclusion is sweet - from banana split to sorbet.Cut the sugar peas lengthwise into strips. Peel the onion and cut into rings.

  • Half of the roasted Grind sesame in a mill or food processor and mix with rape and sesame oil, lemon juice and honey to a dressing. Season with plenty of black pepper.
  • Nectarines, peas and onion rings with the spinach in one Serve.
  • Add the dressing and mix the salad gently. Season with fleur de sel and sprinkle with the rest of sesame.

  • Good to know

    6 WW SmartPoints per person. 3 SmartPoints if you do not use sesame

     My BBQ Pleasure: Light Recipes, Marinades, and more
    My BBQ Fun : Light Recipes, Marinades, and more *
    • Lisa Lemke
    • Publisher: Callwey
    • Issue # 1 (01.01. 2013)

    For the delicious nectarine salad, we had lean pork steak with the wonderful argent Indian sauce Chimichurri from the book.

    Chimichurri to pork steak

    Summer salad with nectarines


    I am g am in love with my barbecue fun and am looking forward to the summer full of varied barbecues and wonderfully delicious recipes.

    The book was provided by Callwey Verlag free of charge. My opinion was not influenced. Thank you for the great collaboration.
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