My low carb doner dish with kebab meat, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, coleslaw, feta and tzatziki is done quickly and a delicious low carb meal.

Low carb doner dish with salad and tzatziki

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Last week I was after a felt eternity again at the doner kebab around the corner. I especially love the Doner Dish with juicy meat, crispy salad and a delicious tzatziki dressing on top. For me a perfect low carb alternative to kebab. And I absolutely miss the flatbread with the packed plate. So why not make it yourself and enjoy the kebab salad at home?

Recipe for low carb doner dish with salad and tzatziki

Low Carb Junk Food Alternatives

There are so many great low carb alternatives to traditional junk food. My dearest, the Big Mac role, you may already know. This is not for nothing one of the most popular recipes on my blog. The dressing is simply divine.

Low Carb Doner Salad with Kebab and Tzatziki

Today I brought you the popular doner kebab salad with many good ingredients. And I'll tell you, you will not miss the flatbread.

Super filling, fast and a fantastic low carb dinner.

 Low Carb Doner Salad with Coleslaw, Red Cabbage and Tomatoes

My Low Carb Doner Dish

On my doner dish, of course, the classic kebab meat may not be missing. Together with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, feta, coleslaw and onions, a delicious meal is quickly and easily conjured up. And on top of that, there's tzatziki made from yoghurt, cucumber, parsley, and garlic.

By the way, for my recipe, I use kebab meat from the freezer. This comes in several varieties: beef, chicken and lamb. I decided today for chicken. Instead of TK meat, you can also buy your kebab directly from the doner kebab and simply add it to the rest of the ingredients at home.

The low carb doner dish tastes so delicious, is child's play and a quick dinner for all, who want to do without carbohydrates!Dice tomatoes and cucumber. Cut the onion into fine rings. Cut the red cabbage into thin strips.

  • Iceberg lettuce, Arrange tomatoes, cucumber, onions, red cabbage and coleslaw on plates together with the meat.

  • For garnishing, chop the garlic and mix with the yoghurt, parsley, salt and pepper. Peel the cucumber, finely grate and lift it under the yoghurt.

  • Dress the salad with dressing and garnish with feta cheese.

  • Good to know

    5 WW SmartPoints per person if your light chicken kebab meat (TK) and low-fat Greek yogurt used.

    Taste the delicious low carb doner dish!

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